Curiosity Kills the Cat.

Let me introduce you to our act-like-his-independant-but-very-dependant-of-us Kiki! Yep, he is a male cat, our male cat.

WE adopted him from SPCA about more than 2 years ago.  He was an abused cat.  I remember clearly the first time I saw him in the cage, he was literally squeezing himself to the wall trying to hide away when I approached him.  He was actually very very scared.  He don’t even like to be pet, but it was love at first sight for me.  He is sooo adorable, with his pink paws and pinky nose I tell you!  By the way, he was formerly known as POPCORN. How cute is that? But we decided to give him a “Malay” name, so KIKI was reborn!

Isn’t he handsome?


Wide Eyed!


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