This blog website is collecting cobwebs….

I used to rant a lot but as I matures I learned to be more patience, to tolerate people, to keep quiet when I should be voicing out!

Yes, I learned to keep mum and listen.  I listen more each day, analyze and listen some more.

Who am I to judge anyways.  We are simply here to learn from mistakes ourself so there isn’t a point to judge people or pinpoint one’s flaws.

Tired…simply tired.

So stop talking and just listen.  You’ll see a change in yourself, believe me. oh yeah…smile more please! 🙂




About yatifadeolie

Just a working mom! Having a love-hate relationship with cooking but love baking, still can't get myself to bake. Love photography only if it hassle free, simple and with the help of ready-made filters. I love my iPhone apps. Dedicated to another Foodography (Food Photography) blog at View all posts by yatifadeolie

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