The One Who Stole My Heart.


He is my husband and father to my child. No, he is not just that, he is my partner, best friend, adviser, financial controller (hehehe), a joker and in fact he wore many hats in my life. He knows me inside out. He understands me more than I understand my own self. Recently I’ve just realised that he known me half my life! No kidding. (Thanks Caca, yeah I’ve just realised that, thank you! Hehehe)

He is a man of a few words whereas I am a woman with multiple verbs and nouns. Opposite attracts you see! BUT dont get him angry, he’ll SHOW you his verbs and nouns! Hahaha! (rest assured its not to his family members but to his trainees only! LOL)

So sometimes, when that person who seldoms express himself suddenly came up with such beautiful phrases and sentences, you know that he really meant what he said and he is a keeper! Especially on a beautiful day like OUR birthday.


“Dear, you have been my one true love. No amount of words to describe you. You were everywhere and everything in my life. Nothing can ever replace you. Although marriage is alot of hardwork, you’ve made it simple as possible! Your tolerance and patience has always been your strongest point especially for me.

Of course, you’ve been a wonderful father too no doubt. My only deepest regret is not to be able to give you another precious little being which both of us been longing for but Alhamdullilah, I am truly grateful for our one and only beautiful son, Fadeliq.

You are my greatest gift all these years. Thank you Allah, for giving me the right person to be with, in this life and till jannah InsyaAllah.”

When we were young-GER! 19 years together and counting! InsyaAllah.



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