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Yati’s RVC is open for business!

Been busy lately, trying to find a job you know!   At this age, it is definitely not easy!  So while waiting for work, I’ve been baking RVCs by letting friends and family try it out!  They are definitely my great ‘guinea pigs’ hehehe….Alhamdullilah been getting good reviews about it so far.  Nope they are not great yet, look, I am no expert but at least it’s edible! (Whoa wat a way to promote eh, Yati! LOL)

So how about it?….give it a try?  Come on, I’ll be waiting for your emails! 😉




HeadBoard (literally speaking)

Been trying to design headboard for this blog but couldn’t find the right picture till now so here it is. Phew! Yah Yah Yah…kinda narcissistic of me right? 😛




Psst! I am itching to do another Fashion Sense. We’ll see.



As Oprah would say ‘always listen to your inner voice or intuition’

My intuition tells me that it will not happen this time, fortunately too it did not tell me that it will not happen the next time.

Throughout this process, I’ve to admit that it is making me feel vulnerable and terrified. Funny thing is, immediately after I know the result, I wanted to give it another try!

Yes, I am still mourning about the loss but life has to go on. Yes, I will burst out crying as and when I think about it but life has to go on… has to go on!

I know, my husband and son will say that there’s nothing to be sorry about but I just want to tell them that I am sorry….just because I wanted to.


I posted this on my FB status the other day, many of you might be wondering wtheck am I talking about. No, it’s not those ‘nombor ekor’ (for my non-Malay speaking frens, translated as “Toto”) and why do we call it nombor ekor anyways? Totally don’t get it, I mean, if we call it ‘nombor bertuah’ at least it’ll definitely worth calling it if we win right? (eh macam betol jer aku ni :P). Sorry got sidetracked abit!

Here goes :-

No. 18
A) It’s the number of my birthdate which luckily happens to be my life partner’s birthdate too! Dunno why after all these years, I am still beaming with proudness that we share the same birthdays together (no excuse for forgetting it mister!:P)
B) It’s also the age when I had my 1st boyfriend! Oh was it when I was younger? hmmm…. (Sssshhh…if you’re my secondary school fren!)
C) maybe it’s the number of boyfriends I had before hubby? Ooopps! JUST KIDDING!!! Nak Mampos!

No. 10
A) it’s the number of fingers I have lah! Totally screwing with you guys!

No. 2
A) the number of my favorite boys in the world (hubby + son)
B) the number of beds we have in our house…lame.
C) the number of kids I would originally want.
D) the number of shoes *at least* I would like to have….er…not any shoe hor…Christian Louboutin ones! (a girl can only hope…sigh)

No. 8
A) just coz this number is “heng” lor

OK sorry about the babbling, the real reason of these numbers being very significant to us is because of these ….

18 eggs were retrieved last Monday during my Egg Retrieval (ER), 10 were fertilized, 2 were transferred into my uterus and 8 were frozen for future use if need be.

Today is the 4th day, I have 12 days more before the result. Dear family & friends, please pray for us. Thank you!

Once again thank you for the overwhelming birthday wishes on FB, you guys are the best!

PS : so this is how no. 2 looks like!


New Toy!

It’s a dream come true, ok ok being just dramatic. Love my (our) new toy.


Been gone far too long, having writer’s block….

I have so much in my head that I would like to express but words seem to fail me in here at least.   Somehow twitter helps me to express some of the relevant and irrelevant stuffs with just 140 letters to spare. Here are some of the tweets I thought you might want to read.

Just some silly stuffs like :-

“Forgotten to switch off the aircon @ home today! Die! Hubs is angry! LOL!”

“Gonna get the cheesecake and ice for today’s makan session this aft.”

Most of the time, I blab to myself like :-

“Coughing like nobody’s biznes and still having Zinger Meal for lunch! Tak serek agaknye aku ni :P”

“I am soo hungry! Shud I call McD?”

Okay some are with pictures attached, the best one so far is :-

“Hub’s talking 2 an unexpected visitor just now ‘Jempotlah minum, sorang je dtg? Jgn malu2 lah, mkn lah kueh2 tuh’ LOL

Anyways, for those who misses my blog writing (as if) please do not be despair as I’ve found the best portal for my freedom of speech anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Though I will not abandon this blog, as this is my starting platform in this mad world of technologically-shrewed me.

Till next time yo!


After so much considerations, planning and feedbacks from friends and family which in the end helped to decide the right one for me at least, I’ve own my very first…………