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HeadBoard (literally speaking)

Been trying to design headboard for this blog but couldn’t find the right picture till now so here it is. Phew! Yah Yah Yah…kinda narcissistic of me right? 😛




Psst! I am itching to do another Fashion Sense. We’ll see.



Oh Wow!…its been a year already?

Where do I begin…

I would have to say that we’ve been through alot this year, although I cannot simply say as much as others.

As I look into my entry this year (OR NOT), I am sad that I’ve not been writing as much (AT ALL) as I want to. You see, early this year, we’ve been busy with our moving out and in to our new and lovely abode.  The process took us a full year mind you, these include finding the right house, locations, contractors, renovations and designing our new home.  This time around, my husband and I really took charge of everything. I really mean EVERYTHING! It was tiring yet challenging to us.

So much has happened during this pass year but do not wished to relinquished it further.  Be it happy or sad, as my husband would always say ‘Things happened, what can we do but live with it and move on”.

Right now, I am experiencing a roller coaster ride of my life, its a good thing I assure but won’t put too much hope to it afraid it may later turn out to be a disappointment instead.  Anyhooo, will try to update as much as possible now that I have the time (God’s Willing) 😀

feeling bleargh

That’s what I am feeling right now. As I said again and again…the weather is not helping either. Its hot! hot! hot!

I was just typing ‘bleargh’ in search for an appropriate picture to put it up here, surprisingly I found too many people blogging how they feel.

So this is how I am feeling…

Keeping Mum

Some things are better left unsaid. Unfortunately, when things are said, it’ll be too late. Speaking one’s mind can be either for the better or disastrous. It all depends on the receiver. On the other hand, we should think before we speak. How long can we keep mum? *sigh*

Clearly Blinded Vainpot

Today, being the first day of being spectacles/glasses-free, I was excited to show off my ‘new eyes’ to friends at work. Yep! I am finally comfortable with contact lenses, a disposable one that is! The last time I wore left a bad impression on my eyes it being dry and all. So as usual, when you try something new be it a new outfit, a new eyeliner-drawn eyelids or just simply a new scent, people without fail unless they are ignorant, will surely give their compliments or negative feedbacks. ‘You look younger’ and ‘I think you should carry-on wearing glasses’ are some of the remarks I received today! Heheheh….

Anyways, it’s been a great day till just now! The hubby fetched us (me + koligs) from work as usual, dropped them off at the nearby mrt station and reached home by 6. As I was preparing food for dinner, I was telling myself to take them off (the lenses) immediately. Just before I could reach for my glasses in my bag, I realised that I’ve left my glasses in the office!!!! Arrgghhh!!!! So right now, you’ve guessed it, I am blind and won’t be able put on the lenses again for tonight okay! (not advisable to wear disposable lenses for too long) The hubby with his sinis smile he said “Tulah! Gatal! Nak pakai lenses lagi! Hahahah”

Great! Now there goes my Monday Night Laugh Shows on StarWorld! No Facebook! No Web-Surfing! I am definitely do not like to not have the last laugh I tell ya! 😛

How I manage to write this blog you asked? Oh well, thanks to WordPress Application on my BB! (Imagine my BB is just under my nose while typing this)

Gotta admit, its my blur-like-sotong-blind-as-a-mice day! Damn you lenses!

Signing off as Clearly Blinded Vainpot! 😛

Confession of The Emotional Little Woman Inside You – The Roller Coaster Ride

And this is why I love to tweet. Useful information in hand eh?

Courtesy of

Been gone far too long, having writer’s block….

I have so much in my head that I would like to express but words seem to fail me in here at least.   Somehow twitter helps me to express some of the relevant and irrelevant stuffs with just 140 letters to spare. Here are some of the tweets I thought you might want to read.

Just some silly stuffs like :-

“Forgotten to switch off the aircon @ home today! Die! Hubs is angry! LOL!”

“Gonna get the cheesecake and ice for today’s makan session this aft.”

Most of the time, I blab to myself like :-

“Coughing like nobody’s biznes and still having Zinger Meal for lunch! Tak serek agaknye aku ni :P”

“I am soo hungry! Shud I call McD?”

Okay some are with pictures attached, the best one so far is :-

“Hub’s talking 2 an unexpected visitor just now ‘Jempotlah minum, sorang je dtg? Jgn malu2 lah, mkn lah kueh2 tuh’ LOL

Anyways, for those who misses my blog writing (as if) please do not be despair as I’ve found the best portal for my freedom of speech anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Though I will not abandon this blog, as this is my starting platform in this mad world of technologically-shrewed me.

Till next time yo!