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Wants to feature the lovely shots of our cats.



Usually Kiki do not even like to sit in this basket, but lately, we always find him here 😦

*the basket where Puffy died*


Haaaiii…this cat has been too ‘manja’ with us.  Like what we say to our child “Nak berkepeeeeeeet jee…”  Wherever we go, he is sure to follow, the moment we step into the house, he already STANDBY by the door, looking at us with his droopy eyes lah konon! Ehhh…macam nak kena sepak terajang je!…hehehehe…sorry sorry I know I know cannot abuse animal right?….SPCA will come knocking my door and get the police to arrest me! Haaaahhh, padan muka aku nanti!

Naaahh….I am a cat lover okay!…how can I do that to my KIKI LALA…hehehehe

But its true as I said, he’s been too dependant on us lately I notice, hmmm…his food bowl is always full to the ream, how can he be that hungry that he needs to remind us to fill it up? Naaah… even if we forgot to fill the water up, he knows where to find access water in the toilet! NOT the toilet bowl mind you!Hahahaha…

Every morning he is the one who greets me and leads me to the other room for my “ironing session” and would always seat beside me, accompanying me lah konon!  He will always keep on meaaowing if I do not go straight to ironing okay but stop immediately once I start to iron.  Cats are so intelligent nowadays eh? They actually knows our daily routine and make sure we abide to it.

Whatever it is, we just have to treasure the moments now that he is still “young” but once he gets “older” as what my friend said, they will just ignore you totally!

Here is one example of his manja session with me lately…aksyen cute kan!

But I must say, he does look cute here! He was in that position for about 5 mins! (that’s considered quite long for a cat to stay in that position)


Curiosity Kills the Cat.

Let me introduce you to our act-like-his-independant-but-very-dependant-of-us Kiki! Yep, he is a male cat, our male cat.

WE adopted him from SPCA about more than 2 years ago.  He was an abused cat.  I remember clearly the first time I saw him in the cage, he was literally squeezing himself to the wall trying to hide away when I approached him.  He was actually very very scared.  He don’t even like to be pet, but it was love at first sight for me.  He is sooo adorable, with his pink paws and pinky nose I tell you!  By the way, he was formerly known as POPCORN. How cute is that? But we decided to give him a “Malay” name, so KIKI was reborn!

Isn’t he handsome?


Wide Eyed!