Moral and Ethics.

I have to admit that I am disturbed by the incident unfolding right now. Alhamdullilah, I am not a victim but can you imagine how easy it is to become one. I really feel for those who are involved.

How greedy can a person gets just to earn that extra bucks? Ok maybe NOT just some extra bucks, perhaps slightly more from an item sold. Who knows?! The thing that I find most appalling is, she has the cheek to open up another account under a new name when it already got out of hand with the first one!!!! Leaving her customers stranded and despair.

Lies after lies, sad stories one after another. Where is your conscience woman? How do YOU sleep at night??

You not only rob of their money but their trust in other sincere online sellers around.

Let’s pray for the best outcome for the victims and let her be judged by the Almighty.


The Last Sotong Ball.

Boy : Ibu, you can have the last one (sotong ball)
Ibu : No, you can have it
Ayah (intercepts) : I want it!
Ibu/Boy : ok

The boy still stayed in his seat although he is done with dinner.

Ayah and ibu exchanged glances.

Ayah : Er…you’re done right?
Boy : Lets “OBaySom” (asian’s rock/paper/scissors) on who gets it!
Ayah : whuuuut??!!
Ibu : LOL!

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Unconsciously Aware.

I had quite a number of weird dreams of late. Some are ridiculously weird funny but most are just weird scary or should I call them nightmares? Yes, I know, I should heed mum’s advise ‘wash your feet before bed’ in fact I did, who would jump into bed with dirty feet anyways right?

Those weird funny ones are usually involving me in an extreme bladder problem. Its true! Geee….I always dreamt that I am rushing to the toilet and releasing myself?! What does that interpret? That I’ll be having a weak bladder sooner than I think? I should seriously start to wear adult diaper.

Now, the weird scary ones I hate! I recently dreamt of my late grandma. Its not exactly in an old creepy house but when I entered the house suddenly my late grandma appeared infront of me. I mean, I shouldnt be afraid of her, afterall she was my grandma right? The fear is questionable and strange, then I would say my prayer aloud till the hubby had to wake me up from it. Told mum about it and was told to recite ‘Al-fateha’ for her. I feel sad now. The truth is, its not the first time I dreamt about my grandma, at times, I would cry in my sleep. 😦 …..I guess I miss her too much.

May Allah bless her soul. Amin.

Family Vacay in KL.

So last weekend was our vacay trip to KL with both our parents plus an aunt. Sadly my brother couldn’t make it due to work commitments.

I was determined to cover KL as much as possible and mentally drafted an itinerary but in the end we go with the flow.

Anyways, these are some of the pictures I took. Unfortunately, I did not take much of them, were to engrossed to ‘go with the flow’

Enjoy! I am sure you guys had more interesting ones.

We booked 3 deluxe rooms at Sunway Putra Hotel (formerly known The Legend Hotel) during our 3days2nites stay but were pleasantly surprised to be upgraded to 3 Club Rooms since its our first time there.  The room is huge plus the toilet is well-equipped with His & Hers Sink, a bathtub and a shower.
Traffic is a killer in KL but we find commuting by train is a breeze now that we know better.  There’s a very hilarious moment when sis and I were all getting the token thingy, in the background, I kept hearing all the makciks asking “BERAPA?! BERAPA?!” (translated “HOW MUCH?! HOW MUCH?!) all ready with their coin purses ready to pounce at the machine making sure she’ll be the first one to insert the coins in. Its too comical when it happened!  Sis and I were laughing afterwards thinking about it but at that moment we were like in our hearts saying “hey wait lah, how would we even know the amount?! afterall its our first time remember?!”  Anyways, we love the train, its easier to go anywhere now that we are experts! *macam paham*
This is how the “Expert” looks like! Hehehehe…
Masjid India…its a must when you’re in KL but NOT FOR ME! I don’t fancy it at all! Too many scarfs/baju kurungs and whatnots!
The clouds are simply gorgeous out there.
United Buddy Bear….to promote peace.
We got lost in the sea of people/stalls!  Even the hubby said that its the highlight of the trip for him!
What an experience!
The Makcik-Makciks definitely enjoyed themselves too! Heard they are planning to go again! Ish! Ish! Ish!

HeadBoard (literally speaking)

Been trying to design headboard for this blog but couldn’t find the right picture till now so here it is. Phew! Yah Yah Yah…kinda narcissistic of me right? 😛




Psst! I am itching to do another Fashion Sense. We’ll see.


Fashion Sense.

Can’t help but to post some of these styles which are dear to my heart because when I was a young adult long long long time ago *pffft!* I used to dress that way. Blazers appeal to me most although our weather do not permits it. That’s why I would take any chance to wear them whenever the rain starts to pour sometimes a drizzle will do. Obsessed you think? I know so!




All time favourite actress, Jessica Alba! Love her!


And my outfit for today which did not exactly featured me in a blazer. 🙂