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10th Anniversary

Its been 10 years today that we are married to each other. 40 or 50 more to go?…Wow, we can actually live with someone day in day out, the same person, the same character, the same face, the same shape…ooopss…the body shape perhaps not lah ha!

This morning I messaged him “Happy 10th Anniversary!!!….40 or 50 more to go?…insyaallah 🙂

And he replied “Where got 40…at least 100 yrs”

Wow…how sweet is that?….he see us that far even!….oh wait…is he just being sarcastic? 😛

*Pep TAlk*

Stop being paranoid Yati!…he loves you! till death!

He is the one for you, can’t you see that?

Didn’t he always volunteer to pick you up from work EVERYDAY? *afraid of those prying eyes on me…hah yeah right!..macam bini dia nie jambu sangat!…TAU TAKPE TAU TAKPE!!*

Didn’t he always asked you why you are not eating together with him during dinner and keep insisting that you should eat! *although he knows that his wife is getting fat every minute/seconds*

Didn’t he always rub your back whenever you struggle to get up from bed in the morning? *so that he won’t be late too actually! or yeah and to prepare breakfast for him…duuh*

Didn’t he always…..hmmm…is that all that he did for me?…Aiyoh that’s bad huh?

Naah…he did more than that, cannot mention here…it’s too p/r/i/v/a/t/e!! How do you think I am attracted to him otherwise huh?….hahahahaha

Throughout these years, I’ve learn to tolerate with my significant other and I am sooo sure he tolerated with mine. For me, patience and compromise play a very BIG part in my marriage life.

Anyways, we usually do not celebrate it but I did get him a little something this year. Hope he’ll like it 🙂

….counting….100 years more to go!


Just one of those little things…..called LOVE.

How time flies?….Its nearly our 10th Wedding Anniversary this come July, 18, 2008.

We have indeed gone through all the thick and thin together but I am sure there are more coming ahead of us.  Nevertheless, we learn to know each other so much better, that even the things that we find iritating, ridiculous, unreasonable at times previously are all part and parcel of what the significant one is really about. *vice versa ok* 🙂

Compromising plays a very BIG part of our life.  That’s where we learn how  to tolerate, respect and be patience with each other.  No one is perfect, there are flaws everywhere.  Those people who said that they have no problems in their relationship,  are all bullshit! *don’t mind my language*

All this time, I’ve grown to love the father of my child even more than we first met.  I am so blessed to have such a man in my life, not a perfect man but just a man!

Ya Allah, panjangkanlah jodoh kami. Amin.