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Anugerah Band Finals 2008

Will be at the finals tomorrow night supporting my brother, wish him all the best! 

May the best Band wins!  Good Luck Fatskunks!


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Minah Rockers, NOT!!

Oh my, I just realized that I am a minah rock!!!…oooohhh…tidaaaakkkkk!!! As much as I want to deny that, my “roots” were calling me!…

Last night, my antipation and excitement to see my brother and his bandmates (FATSKUNKS) to battle it out in Anugerah Band made me realized “that”-me being the minah rock lah!  It was a very rockers’ nite, all the kentals, all the gothic?, all the pop, all the alternative bands were out to perform. 

Unfortunately before the battle even began, it was the end of the road for some of them, 8 of the groups actually 😦  Only 2 bands have to battle their way in as both bands “seri” in points. 

Alhamdullillah! FATSKUNKS is through to the next round! Congrats guys! Hope to see you guys every week even! Insyaallah!

 “taken from Suria Channel”

 “taken from Fatskunks Website”

Back to my “roots”…..nah…as much as I do love the old old songs from WINGS, NASH, SPRING, SLAM, those days are over babey!!..Phew…