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DotCom Venture

You people should know by now that I have another site at fadeliqo.multiply.com

It features more of my son,…hmmmm…who else should I talk about right?…(boring) Come on, he is the only one for me right now whilst the other one blum terkeluar keluar lagi…blum terconceive macamane nak keluar kan? 😛

Anyways, for your info, I do have another new one up in Multiply.

Its anythingsport.multiply.com

This site is still under construction. Although the design featured Converse Chuck but it is anything but that! I’ll be presenting some good buys like Jerseys, Polo Shirts, etc. at affordable prices!! So do come again! I will be reminding you guys again don’t worry!..hehehehe

Plus, the apparels will be worn by a professional ‘model’ which I’ve already engaged beforehand, yeah yeah…handsome one ok! 😛

So keep a lookout OK!!!