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Its that time of the month again…

Nope, it not PMS, its BILLS BILLS BILLS….

I’ve been dragging myself to settle all the bills but finally able to do it only today! Don’t you just wish that if you just forget all those bills, it will just vanish into thin air?!…You wish!…Wish Harder ok! 😛

Lucky thing now I do it online otherwise queing up is another big problem as I am a very impatient lady let me tell you this, I can’t stand when people take their own sweet time to do-it-yourself (SAM)!..ARRGGGHHHH….

Well, that’s over! Phew…

By the way, don’t you think that the last few days its been excrutiating HOT!…Its like Sauna whenever you come out from the office!  Like the other day, I sent my son for madrasah, I was dripping WET!…no..no…I am not kidding, I only realized it when I went to collect my hemmed jeans at Baleno. While I was trying out the jeans in the fitting room, I was so embarassed to see my shirt stained with my sweat. I wonder what the salesgirl were thinking……:P