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Uh Ah….Arrrrgghhhh…

Okay that’s how my mum sounded like when she gave birth to me 34 years ago (not real age) 🙂

Or maybe not! I don’t know exactly!

Well anyways, I was born on the 18 June 1974 (not real year also). Now, as a mum of ONE boy, I know how my mum feels to give birth to me! Its not some kind of pain, it is excrutiating pain.

Alhamdullilah, with God’s will, I am still here young and healthy (healthy indeed!)

It is exceptionaly special since I celebrate it with my darling hubby who by the way has the same birthdate as I am.  The highlight of the day was when the hubby surprised me with a bouquet of flowers when he came to fetch me from work.  I really didn’t expect that I was getting it this year coz he’d given me the present earlier (SUKASUKI).

Not forgetting, our Boy made a card (2 cards!) for both of us too

(with extra help from Auntie Ra of course!!)     

We had a very small celebration just the 3 of us (hubby + boy + me) at Swenson last night.   So while we were eating I made some arrangements with the Manager, a surprise birthday song to be sung to my hubby in front of everyone + a complimentary Swenson’s Sundae! YAAAAY..

hehehehe…he indeed looked surprised and embarrased at the same time!

(didn’t expect the sundae to be 3 scoops even!)

During that day in the office, I am touched by all my colleagues, who arranged a small celebration for me.  Thank you guys! Really appreciate it and here are some of the gifts I received!!!…YAAAYYYYYY….

 Last but not least the birthday cake (Hazelnut Chocolate Cake)!

Why there’s 2 names you see?…just so happen one of our friend at Keppel also celebrates her birthday on the same day too!

 PS : For more pictures, click here.