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When Mat meet Minah

Nong nong time ago, there’s a girl and her girlfriends go bbq at East Coast! Yah budak mentels dulu suker nah gi overnite lah aper lah. Suddenly!, (wah drama sey) one of her girlfriend’s boyfriend’s friend who is a boy oso join the bbq. The girl aksyen abit arh (sell expensive) but still smile abit to her girlfriend’s boyfriend’s friend who is a boy (oklah let’s call him ‘Mat’ but he is not a typical Mat lah k). Then suddenly!, (alamak drama again) this Mat dissappear while the girl bbq-ing. The girl (oklah call her Minah lah), so Minah did not hear anything about the Mat. (thinks this Mat oso sell expensive arh) Minah kinda dissappointed. Actually Minah like that Mat.

So after maybe a few weeks, while Minah lepak-ing at Minah’s girlfriend, suddenly Minah aksyen aksyen ask her girlfriend about that Mat. Cut the long story short, Minah’s girlfriend call her boyfriend to ask about the Mat which happen to be hanging out with him. Minah so happy to be able to chat with him for a while. (like so desperate hor this Minah)

The amazing part of this story is when Minah ask a very typical question to Mat (seriously its Minah’s obsession to know everybody’s birthdate!)

Guess what the Mat answered?!

1-8-J-U-N-E !!!!

So the rest is history ;D

Its been 17 years now that we’ve known each other, there’s ups and downs of course, why wouldnt it be right? Its a bless to be able to celebrate your day together and this year is the same. Perhaps age is catching up so the enthusiasm to celebrate is not much as when you were 20 😉

Sometimes, just a quiet time together is good enough, feeling comfortable wx each other without uttering a word is super bliss! Hehehe

Nevertheless, he always, always without fail will buy flowers for me every year! Simple pleasures 🙂


As for me, I run out of ideas what to give him every year so I think I will be following my mum’s footsteps, which is to get the basic essentials like briefs and socks! Hahaha

…and his favourite team’s jersey! You cnt go wrong with that 🙂

Oh since no one bought us any cake today, we bought it ourselves lor! Yum! Hahaha!


Once again, we would like to thank for all your well wishes, till the next celebration, Insyaallah! 😉


In That Order, please.

Anxiety, Excited, Frustrated, Happy, Panic, Funny, Confused, Hungry, Puzzle cum Yaaay Moment, Full, Sleepy, Satisfied….Overall : Esctatic!…in that order, please.

What’s with the melodramatic feelings? 

Can’t help it *shrugs*

Let see….

Anxiety :

My parents arranged a night out with the whole family including our Aunt who came back from OZ for a short holiday. Ooops…that’s include my sis’s BF (Hasdi) who is the other designated driver in the family 🙂  Where to? JB for a seafood dinner.  Plus it’s an early birthday celebration for my dad who will be 57 this 31 Dec!  So as the day is nearing till last night, the anticipation of it is overwhelming since this will be the first time my dad goes ‘out’ of the country…hehehehe…literally! after soo soo many years!

Excited :

The day came, with the whole family excited not only me mind you! Hmmm…especially my sis, being in love or so…hehehehe…sorry gerl, just gotta add this! Oh yeah of course my little boy too, as he is known to be excited with the idea of driving in convoys!

So here’s our ride….


plus the overexcited people! 🙂


Frustrated :

Oh well, what do you expect, of course its gonna be jam packed with cars on a Saturday evening! 😛


Happy :

The last time my mum met up with my aunt was a few months ago, so the moment they meet, they hug, cry a little (mum only)….


but of course everyone is finally happy to meet my Cousin Caca after like nearly ages!  Future Doctor, insyaallah!


Panic + Funny :

We thought GPS works….NAH!!!..at least not for Malaysia map, we got lost instead!

Supposedly to go to this seafood village in Senibong, which is by the way somewhere in Permas Jaya.  Us being first time to venture to this area, trusted so much on the Navigator thingy!  We missed a turn at first but when we decided to make a u-turn, we end up to the same road and missed the turn again…oh wait in fact it was like riding on a merry-go-round! Got panic, stopped by the roadside and looked at my aunt’s directional map….LOL…but decided to follow the sign board instead!…duh!!..should have followed the board in the first place right?!….we and our technology-dependant self!

Confused :

We finally made it to our destination and found the seafood village but the thing is when we reached there, we found out that the restaurant is a non-halal one!…????huh????….


A relative of ours who recommended this place to my aunt, mention that it is a halal one?….confusion starts so my aunt called her and clarified that there is a “nasi lemak” signboard before entering to that other restaurant. Phew! Finally reached our destination! (miss out taking the entrance to this restaurant)…hmmmm…to0 much drama just to get to this place, what do ya expect?!!! hehehehe

But look at the view from where we are seated! We can see SingChaPor!  Nice sunset eh?


Hungry :

That’s why we are here for 🙂

So hubby ate a few otak-otak while waiting for the food to be served, unfortunately I find that the otak-otak a bit fishy lah!


Dad got the first birthday present of the day from Aunt ; Peanuts!!! Appetizer for him perhaps 🙂


Puzzle cum Yaay Moment :

This part puzzled me. Its meant to be my dad’s birthday celebration but my Aunt got a 2nd present for my Dad AND Mum??..Play cheat hah Auntie! 2 in 1 ha?! LOL!!!

A bedspread!…Okaylah…it benefits both I must say, Mum with a lovely bedspread, Dad laid on the bedspread.

p30701831Full :

I remembered Dad love to listen to radio on the way to work and since he did not have it since so many years now, I decided to get him this:-

 Philips GoGear SA2825 2 GB, 270 mAh Digital player / radio – 2 GB flash


Full :

Food served : Crab/Fish/Sotong…you name it, all seafood, we got it!


It filled the long table.


Sleepy :

As usual, when you have a full stomach, you tends to get sleepy.  My boy definitely knows how to show it 🙂


Satisfied :

Last but not least, Dad finally got what he deserve, a good smoke in hand courtesy of our Uncle Hussein! Thanks!

Happy 57th Birthday Dad!  Here’s to another 50 more years!  Stay healthy, happy and feel young always!


Alhough of course the night is still young, we went to Jusco before leaving for home and we brave through the congested causeway again but this time feeling satisfied 🙂

NOTE : This is the longest post I’ve written so far…Phew!

Birthday Month

“Our Birthday”

My first boyfriend is born on the 17th of June, my second boyfriend on the 19th of June but my last boyfriend, who is my darling hubby is on the 18th of June. Okay, what’s with the numbers you ask?….hmmm…I am born on the 18th of June!…Got it!…how lucky am I to get someone to share your birthday every year especially that someone is your husband!..sooooo he got no EXCUSE to forget my birthday okay! 😉

Although, we’ve been married for some time now…like 10 years!..I have not exactly plan anything special for the 2 of us to celebrate.  Its been like just a normal dinner every year, not a fancy one too or sometimes just stay at home, I know, I know, boring couple right?….I thought of planning something different this year but seriously I don’t know where to start actually.


The “WHoosbend” got me something for my birthday this year from Soo Kee Jewelery 😉

Guess what it is?

 Click the picture to find out.