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The One Who Stole My Heart.


He is my husband and father to my child. No, he is not just that, he is my partner, best friend, adviser, financial controller (hehehe), a joker and in fact he wore many hats in my life. He knows me inside out. He understands me more than I understand my own self. Recently I’ve just realised that he known me half my life! No kidding. (Thanks Caca, yeah I’ve just realised that, thank you! Hehehe)

He is a man of a few words whereas I am a woman with multiple verbs and nouns. Opposite attracts you see! BUT dont get him angry, he’ll SHOW you his verbs and nouns! Hahaha! (rest assured its not to his family members but to his trainees only! LOL)

So sometimes, when that person who seldoms express himself suddenly came up with such beautiful phrases and sentences, you know that he really meant what he said and he is a keeper! Especially on a beautiful day like OUR birthday.


“Dear, you have been my one true love. No amount of words to describe you. You were everywhere and everything in my life. Nothing can ever replace you. Although marriage is alot of hardwork, you’ve made it simple as possible! Your tolerance and patience has always been your strongest point especially for me.

Of course, you’ve been a wonderful father too no doubt. My only deepest regret is not to be able to give you another precious little being which both of us been longing for but Alhamdullilah, I am truly grateful for our one and only beautiful son, Fadeliq.

You are my greatest gift all these years. Thank you Allah, for giving me the right person to be with, in this life and till jannah InsyaAllah.”

When we were young-GER! 19 years together and counting! InsyaAllah.




Happy 58th Birthday to my darling Dad ūüôā

Last night, I was to write his life story.  His life journey all these years, from the day he was born, the day he was a young boy, a teenager, a man, a husband, a father and a grandad.  Then I realised, my dad is just like any other man, except that he is special because he is my Dad.

I’ve always knew in my heart, he is the best dad a girl could ask for.¬† He is understanding, caring,¬†¬†easy-going, a saviour and a great provider for his family.¬†

When I was younger, I remember he was working from day till night to make ends meet.  Lucky him to have met mum, his one and only soulmate, lover and partner to go through the hardship together in raising all of us.



I know I’ve not shown you how I appreciate and adore you, sometimes, words isn’t enough to show you my gratitude.¬† Honestly, I do not know how to express myself whenever I am in front of you as though I am shy but no one would believe that ūüôā

I remember those juvenile days of mine, you were always there to support and advise me no matter what.¬† One night, you even told me, “you are exactly like me when I was younger” and at that moment, I felt that I do belong.

Just want to tell you that I love you with all my heart.

Semoga Allah memanjangkan usiamu, murahkan rezekimu dan memberkatimu. Insyaallah.


At the same time, I would like to wish my lovely young Aunt Imah, who celebrates the same birthdate as Dad. 

Happy Birthday! May Allah blessed you with health and wealth. 

Stay beautiful, young and hip always.

picture taken from their FB *sorry ar desperate for photo* hehehehe

Love, Yati

Uh Ah….Arrrrgghhhh…

Okay¬†that’s¬†how my mum sounded like when she gave birth¬†to me 34 years ago (not real age) ūüôā

Or maybe not! I don’t know exactly!

Well anyways, I was born on the 18 June 1974 (not real year also). Now, as a mum of ONE boy, I know how my mum feels to give birth to me! Its not some kind of pain, it is excrutiating pain.

Alhamdullilah, with God’s will, I am still here young and healthy (healthy indeed!)

It is exceptionaly special since I¬†celebrate it with my darling hubby who by the way has the same birthdate as I am.¬† The highlight of the day was when the hubby surprised me with a bouquet of flowers when he came to fetch me from work.¬† I really didn’t¬†expect that I was getting it this year coz he’d given me the present earlier (SUKASUKI).

Not forgetting, our Boy made a card (2 cards!) for both of us too

(with extra help from Auntie Ra of course!!)     

We had a very small celebration¬†just the 3 of us (hubby + boy + me) at Swenson last night.¬†¬† So while we were eating I made some arrangements with the Manager,¬†a surprise birthday song to be sung to my hubby in front of everyone + a complimentary Swenson’s Sundae! YAAAAY..

hehehehe…he indeed looked surprised and embarrased at the same time!

(didn’t expect the sundae to be 3 scoops even!)

During that day in the office, I¬†am¬†touched by all my colleagues, who arranged a small celebration for me.¬† Thank you guys! Really appreciate it and here are some of the gifts I received!!!…YAAAYYYYYY….

 Last but not least the birthday cake (Hazelnut Chocolate Cake)!

Why there’s 2 names you see?…just so happen one of our friend at Keppel also celebrates her birthday on the same day too!

 PS : For more pictures, click here.