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I’ve not been blogging for quite some time. There’s so much to write now but just couldn’t find the time lately. I wanted soo much to write about our holiday last June. Too many pictures to upload and too many details to put up. Anyways, I’ve been putting it up on my FB instead. Though, I miss writing, I somehow recently found an easy way or rather the laziest way to go online (coz its rather easy to type on the keyboard of my laptop) so I’ve found this latest (maybe not) application which I’ve downloaded them in my darling BB (that’s how much I love my gadget…freak geek I know)! WordPress on BB! Kewl!..so easy and I can just update everywhere I go…so no excuse for not writing now. ūüôā I am loving every minute of it now. So…till next time..TTYL *Talk To You Later*
PS : I really should stop watching Paris Hilton New BFF show!! Arrghhhh


Curvaceous BaBy

From my last post, I was obviously head over heels over the BB Storm. 

Unfortunately, my feelings towards it were crushed yesterday.

Before this, several options and solutions were carefully considered since I am after all still “engaged” with another.¬† Although after deciding on going with my guts plus several sacrifices, we head down to get to it.¬†¬† I was so excited to meet up with the potential¬†but when I approach it yesterday, the feelings overturned into hatred!…ok ok not so drama lah ha….just disgusted actually.

I touched, I carressed and held it tight…….no feelings at all, in fact it¬†felt cold.¬† There is no chemistry between us, no connection whatsover.¬† I was devastated and¬†not prepared by¬†this reaction therefore¬†no alternative or other options made.¬†

Then from the corner of my eyes, something caught my attention.

A curvaceous, sleek and compact.  Is this my last option?  Well, I need a change. Fast.  And so decision were made.


I hope you are the one for me, make me proud, there’s alot to get to know in weeks to come.

Welcome to my world.