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Birthday Month

“Our Birthday”

My first boyfriend is born on the 17th of June, my second boyfriend on the 19th of June but my last boyfriend, who is my darling hubby is on the 18th of June. Okay, what’s with the numbers you ask?….hmmm…I am born on the 18th of June!…Got it!…how lucky am I to get someone to share your birthday every year especially that someone is your husband!..sooooo he got no EXCUSE to forget my birthday okay! 😉

Although, we’ve been married for some time now…like 10 years!..I have not exactly plan anything special for the 2 of us to celebrate.  Its been like just a normal dinner every year, not a fancy one too or sometimes just stay at home, I know, I know, boring couple right?….I thought of planning something different this year but seriously I don’t know where to start actually.