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An Open Letter to Dad!

The other day, I was just looking through all the old photos at my mom’s, searching for photos of me when I was young and selengeh (yah, just gotta admit that) to show to my friend at work.  I stumbled upon photos of me with dad.  It suddenly struck me how close I was back then with dad (I am his first child, after all). We used to play hide & seek together, shared a joke and sang me a song to bed. 

I still do remember the song he used to sing to my brother and me, by the late M Ramli (I hope I got the correct “Ramli”) and the song goes:

*Anakku sayang, Intan Diana (Yati/Zaki), kau lah pelita, hidup ayah ini*

And it did put us to sleep…….

Hide & Seek

I miss him soooo much….don’t get me wrong, he is very much alive & kicking, alhamdullilah.  It just that, how I wish I can turn back the clock and give him the same kind of affections that I gave to my mom.  Now that I am an adult, I am too shy to show even a bit towards him.


Dad, please let me know of your feelings, tell me if you are sad or happy, whether you are proud of me or not and even share a story or two.  You have always been my hero, my saviour and my support.  I know how hard you work to support the family, worked from dawn till late night just to provide us in order for us to live a comfortable life. I may not show it, but Dad, I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate and respect you.  Now that I am young (OLD), I want in return to protect you and cherish the moments with you. 

Me & My Dad!

PS : I initially intend to write this post about what to get for Father’s Day but my sentimental mode got the best of me….hehehehe….sorry ladies/gentlemen, maybe next post or maybe next year okay 😉