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OZ Call & James Putput

Recently my Aunt who is residing in the OZ made a surprise phone call.  The nature of the call was to ask me how to blog!…come on now, how cool is that! She is in her …ehem…late late 40s (exact no is not an issue lah) wanting badly to know-how.  Seriously, I was thinking, what is she gonna blog about anyway?? but knowing this Auntie of mine, she has always been up-to-date to current affairs or should I say “young at heart” (Auntie, didn’t mean to “up” you hor, it just comes out naturally, runs in the family!) 🙂

Anyways, the reason for her blogging is she wanted to put up some of her recipes that she’ve created or maybe some of which she improvises.  She is one of the best cook in our family besides my mum I should say.  Though, she is more into baking, I hope we can see more of her recipes and cooking/baking tips here in the net cause her recipes do work unlike those which doesn’t give the correct ingredients or measurements.

By the way, after the call, she emailed me 2 of the recipes that she hoped I would try this weekend!

One of them is “James Putput” (Donut Ball)


And these are my attempts :-)….I got a few I tell ya..LOL


Ist Attempt : Donut Pancaked aka Leper


 2nd Attempt : Donut Irregular Shapes


Last but not least the 3rd Attempt : Donut Ball (alas forgot to put the castor sugar here) but it does look nice eh??…well although the 1st two attempts are not attractive, they DO taste good too okay! 🙂