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What’s the fuss anyway you say? Ben 10!

Transformers,  The Masks, Care Bears, Smurfs, The Road Runner Show, Tom & Jerry, Popeye, The Sesame Street….ok ok obviously I am the 70s – 80s kid.  I still do remember those days when we use to watch all these cartoons after we had our evening bath/shower and mum used to make us wear pyjamas, me and my brother.  How neat we look back then….hmmm…..

Time has changed indeed, nowadays they have cartoon network on your cable (they got network for cartoons now ok!) Some of them even made it back to the main screen (eg. Transformer) Anyways, the ‘IN’ thing now is BEN 10, correct me if I’m wrong, you can see most of the boys go crazy with wearing that wrist watch ‘OMNITRIX’!  So guess what my boy asked for today (since his accomplishment of the IQRA’ see)?  A BEN 10 figurine! 2 of them actually.

Here it is…

I wonder what else is coming in store…hmmm…Please be prepared mothers!


When Mum’s Not Cooking!

Since its the Eve of May Day yesterday, I decided to give my family a treat! Its not in any fancy restaurant, its just Mcdonald!   So we went right after fetching Fadeliq from school. 

Fadeliq dah naik QURAN!!!

Alhamdullillah, I received the most wonderful news ever this morning! My 8 year old called me this morning “Ibu, Fadeliq dah naik Quran tau!!” he sounded so happy and proud of himself. Indeed, as a mother, you can’t help but feeling sooo proud of your child’s achievements, nevertheless, I am sooo indebted to my wonderful mother for taking care and nurturing my son, with her berkat doa everyday for all of us, I truly believe that without her we won’t achieve or be what we are today, alhamdullilah. Thank you mum, I love you soo much! Will do something special for you this Mother’s Day, ok, insyaallah!.

As for my son, I always doakan you the best in everything you do and keep up the good work! (bleh gitu dah macam teacher teacher pulak;P)