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Kits & Gadgets

What is it with guys and their kits AND their gadgets? They seem to not get enough of it do they? 

The hubby mentioned the other day that its been quite some time (long time actually) since we last visit Peninsula Plaza, oh yeah…I said, that’s true! *eyes twinkling*.  So last night, we had a trip there without nothing in mind (for me at least) and treat it as another “jalan-jalan” session for the 3 of us. NOT!

We somehow find ourselves in this store (La Vanita….yep, everybody knows where it is), looking at some MU Kits?….hmmmm…poof…pap..parapaap..pip..pop…the next thing I know, the hubby bought himself the MU Kits PLUS the boy’s too *takot-dia-tengok-I-beli-nanti-dia-pon-nak-jugak-kesiankan-dia* reason was slapped to me at the same time. OKAYlah..

The Kid’s MU Kit!

The Kid’s Father’s MU Kit!

Oh HO HO HO (christmas coming?)…and I thought that’s enough for the day of shopping….noooooo…me and my big mouth lah.  I said to hubby “Let’s go to IMM, since the night is still young” 

Some time ago I did suggest him to buy the bluetooth for his handphone since its kinda difficult for him to answer phone calls while driving (safety first ok), I thought ok, let get over with it and get that damn bluetooth. 

So while we are proceeding towards Starhub store, we saw a large crowd at the ground level where IMM usually does their roadshows and as we leaned forward to the 1st level railing, we find that its actually a car roadshow! Honestly I am not worried at all since now that we already got a car, a pimped car at that, so perhaps its nothing that the hubby is interested in.  We went to the ground level (Starhub store at the ground level anyways) and the hubby started to “detour” to this roadshow thingy. Okaaay…just-gonna-look-look-see-see-and-go-already doesn’t seem to be in the cards!  While I was entertaining the kid with his excitement getting into the displayed cars, at the corner of my eyes I saw the hubby to be in conversation with one of the sales person! HAAAAAHHH *heart pounding* what could it be this time?

The hubby was enquiring about a Packard Bell GPS featured there.  I moved towards him with that what-are-you-doing kinda look.  He got the twinklings in his eyes okay!  Oh yeah, after 15mins of enquiring, we found out that the GPS thingy is worth buying actually.

Packard Bell GPS Compasseo 370

Slim and compact form factor with 3.5 inch touch screen
Easy navigation with strongest reception
 Singapore / Malaysia maps (AGIS)
Enjoys fixed speed camera & ERP/Toll warnings
MP3 player & Photo viewer

@ S$288

You guessed it, we got a homerun this time!