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A Quickie!

Yep…went for a quickie last Thursday! Nope…don’t get me wrong, its just a quick getaway!

It has been 4 years back since we last went to Genting.  So the hubby decided to go again this year to get the different “climate”.  It was indeed quite a climate change for us.  When we arrived, the weather is about 17-18 deg.  It rained quite a bit too with heavy fogs and wind.

The trip began with a lovely surprise for us as we were given an Executive Coach *double decker* which normally the tour agencies would charge an extra $50 to upgrade from a normal 26-38 seater one.   It’s been a fantasy for the hubby actually to ride on one!…hehehehe…not that we can’t afford for the upgrade, it’s just a bus anyways 🙂 So you can see how excited he was when we were given that!


After that comfortable ride, with a few stops along the way, we arrived Genting @ about 2pm. 

While we were walking up this pathway heading for the hotel lobby from the bus terminal, we saw this long long long queue of people and a yellow neon sign board caught my eyes, it says “FIRST WORLD HOTEL CHECK-IN FOR TOUR GROUP”.  Both me and hubby stared at each other at that very instant!….huh?…are we considered a part of a tour group although we booked as F&E???…hmmm….being a Singaporean and kiasu as I am, I asked the hubby to just queue first while I go “checked it out” and that very same instant a gentleman approached us and told us that we have to queue in order to get a queue number to be called for check-in-to the hotel!!!!..  got it?….very the leceh you know!!!….that same gentleman suddenly slipped a queue number to the hubby and told us to stop queing instead but wait for our number to called.  So we went in to this small hall where we find like a few thousand people *okay exaggerating abit here but it sure looks like it* waiting for their number to be called as well!!!   “Aiyoh dah macam polyclinic daaaaa” the hubby exclaimed!

What more, look at the queue number we had…


and the Queue Number Board!!


Bila nak game!

Anyways, after the ordeal, the following day were quite okay…the boys had fun with all the rides including mummy too…:-)

Fadeliq had his first roller coaster ride (after much persuasion)


Face all cramped up with a tight grip..LOL

Oh yeah..at the end of the trip, hubby had a terrible gastric pain…poor him 😦

More photos of the trip @ flickr soon.