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She is therefore remembered…

She was of strength, courage, forgiving, blessed, loved and above all extraordinary.

She was my Beloved Grandma.

She left us nearly 2 years now but her presence is still deeply felt by us all.  Please do not get me wrong,  I do not wish to offend anyone or even try to hurt anybody’s feeling but do forgive me if I did.  I am writing because, I just want to remember the person she was and always will in my heart. 

My childhood days were mostly spent at Grandma’s.  I remembered clearly that we used to visit her every weekend without fail when we were young, me and my other sibling.  Even the cousins would come over to the house and we had the most fun together.  Usually we were there by Saturday afternoon when Dad knocked off from work or even if Dad got to work abit late, Mum would bring us to Grandma’s.  The moment we reached her home, she would ask “dah makan?” have you eaten? and we would say “dah!!!” yes!!! although we have not because we were too excited to go out to play.  But she will definitely insist on her grandchildren to eat first before anything else.  At Grandma’s, we can get away with anything I tell ya, we can stay out till the evening but must return before Maghrib of course!  Since its only on the 2nd level, the parents won’t mind at all.  Grandma would always prepare snacks for us in the afternoon, jempot2, goreng pisang even cream crackers dip in teh O! 🙂  She would always tell us to eat more and said “Makan, makan, takpe gemok, gemok kan cantik” direct translation ” Eat, Eat, Fat Nevermind, Fat is Beautiful!” LOL… that’s how Grandma was, in her eyes, all her children, grandchildren and even her in-laws, even if they are fat, they are still beautiful.  The funny part is whenever she saw a fat person on tv, she would say “eh eh gemok nye dia!!!” (oh my, how fat is she/he?!) Oh yeah, Grandma loved to watch Tamil Drama, especially the fighting scene, her arms and legs somehow will fly in the air giving punches as though she is the one punching…”bodoh lah, elak lah” “hmmphh…apasal tak lari” “hmmmpphh…mmm…padan muka dia!!!” some of the phrases we can hear from her!! 🙂 

By Sunday morning, she will always prepare her famous Roti Boyan with Sambal Tumis..miss it alot 😦  We usually do not leave until lunch time but whenever we were about to leave, she will always make sure that we go to toilet first to pee so that we do not have trouble finding the loo on our journey back home 🙂  She always has that smile on her face, knowing that the next weekend, she will see her grandchildren again. 

The smile that will always be in my mind now.

*oh yeah…she got a sweet tooth :-)*

pa180014She was indeed an amazing woman, wife, mother and grandma.

*Semoga Allah SWT mencucuri ke atas rohnye dan mengampuni dosa-dosa nye*


Note : Thank you Auntie Suaida for the photos!