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Family Vacay in KL.

So last weekend was our vacay trip to KL with both our parents plus an aunt. Sadly my brother couldn’t make it due to work commitments.

I was determined to cover KL as much as possible and mentally drafted an itinerary but in the end we go with the flow.

Anyways, these are some of the pictures I took. Unfortunately, I did not take much of them, were to engrossed to ‘go with the flow’

Enjoy! I am sure you guys had more interesting ones.

We booked 3 deluxe rooms at Sunway Putra Hotel (formerly known The Legend Hotel) during our 3days2nites stay but were pleasantly surprised to be upgraded to 3 Club Rooms since its our first time there.  The room is huge plus the toilet is well-equipped with His & Hers Sink, a bathtub and a shower.
Traffic is a killer in KL but we find commuting by train is a breeze now that we know better.  There’s a very hilarious moment when sis and I were all getting the token thingy, in the background, I kept hearing all the makciks asking “BERAPA?! BERAPA?!” (translated “HOW MUCH?! HOW MUCH?!) all ready with their coin purses ready to pounce at the machine making sure she’ll be the first one to insert the coins in. Its too comical when it happened!  Sis and I were laughing afterwards thinking about it but at that moment we were like in our hearts saying “hey wait lah, how would we even know the amount?! afterall its our first time remember?!”  Anyways, we love the train, its easier to go anywhere now that we are experts! *macam paham*
This is how the “Expert” looks like! Hehehehe…
Masjid India…its a must when you’re in KL but NOT FOR ME! I don’t fancy it at all! Too many scarfs/baju kurungs and whatnots!
The clouds are simply gorgeous out there.
United Buddy Bear….to promote peace.
We got lost in the sea of people/stalls!  Even the hubby said that its the highlight of the trip for him!
What an experience!
The Makcik-Makciks definitely enjoyed themselves too! Heard they are planning to go again! Ish! Ish! Ish!

Clear Sky + Holiday = Picnic!

That is definitely a favourite pastime here in Singapore besides eating and shopping of course!  You can see lots of tents put up along the beach stretched from Marina till Changi. 

Today was such a fine day, clear sky not sunny at all compared to yesterday’s downpour.  We thought our plan for a picnic were drenched but fortunately the weather is super great today! 🙂


Honestly, I am not a fan of the beach actually but the idea of getting together with my extended family were very exciting!  I can’t remember the last time we had such gathering, it’s been ages I tell ya.  The only time we get to meet is Hari Raya which is like once a year right?…yeah sad 😦

Anyways,  we had lots of fun even my mum were enjoying herself, playing badminton okay! LOL ….PS : She’s not bad, not bad at all! 🙂


The boys were playing a little bit of football.


The girls and later some of the boys rented out the bikes for a leisure ride.


While the younger boys & girls rather get soaked!


Of course, what a picnic without LEPAK! 

Auntie Salmiah, Auntie Sariah & Auntie Saniah. 


PS : Auntie Nia, hope I fulfilled your wish now!…hehehehe 😉

Hope we can do this more often yah!…and of course the next time the rest will come along too! Although I think the no of people today is such a riot already 🙂


Thank you guys for making this day a great day for us all!!!