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I posted this on my FB status the other day, many of you might be wondering wtheck am I talking about. No, it’s not those ‘nombor ekor’ (for my non-Malay speaking frens, translated as “Toto”) and why do we call it nombor ekor anyways? Totally don’t get it, I mean, if we call it ‘nombor bertuah’ at least it’ll definitely worth calling it if we win right? (eh macam betol jer aku ni :P). Sorry got sidetracked abit!

Here goes :-

No. 18
A) It’s the number of my birthdate which luckily happens to be my life partner’s birthdate too! Dunno why after all these years, I am still beaming with proudness that we share the same birthdays together (no excuse for forgetting it mister!:P)
B) It’s also the age when I had my 1st boyfriend! Oh was it when I was younger? hmmm…. (Sssshhh…if you’re my secondary school fren!)
C) maybe it’s the number of boyfriends I had before hubby? Ooopps! JUST KIDDING!!! Nak Mampos!

No. 10
A) it’s the number of fingers I have lah! Totally screwing with you guys!

No. 2
A) the number of my favorite boys in the world (hubby + son)
B) the number of beds we have in our house…lame.
C) the number of kids I would originally want.
D) the number of shoes *at least* I would like to have….er…not any shoe hor…Christian Louboutin ones! (a girl can only hope…sigh)

No. 8
A) just coz this number is “heng” lor

OK sorry about the babbling, the real reason of these numbers being very significant to us is because of these ….

18 eggs were retrieved last Monday during my Egg Retrieval (ER), 10 were fertilized, 2 were transferred into my uterus and 8 were frozen for future use if need be.

Today is the 4th day, I have 12 days more before the result. Dear family & friends, please pray for us. Thank you!

Once again thank you for the overwhelming birthday wishes on FB, you guys are the best!

PS : so this is how no. 2 looks like!




Today is the day that I will be taking my first puregon shot. Somehow this morning when I was rushing to get ready to KKH, the lucrin shot failed me twice. Maybe they (lucrin) knew that I’ll be getting a new one (puregon).

I am quite calm today, it used to be quite nerve-wrecking whenever there’s an appointment. I hope it stays that way.

So this is what it looks like! Heeeeyuuuge right? Compared to the normal syringe.


I remember it exactly when I watched Giuliana & Bill (G&B), there’s this episode where Bill injected the puregon at her buttocks but strangely I was told by the nurse today that I have to inject it somewhere around the tummy below my navel instead. Ok so whatever, as long as it gets to where it’s suppose to be lah!

The moment I had the shot, I experienced sore in the tummy area. Sigh. I really hope the result at the end of these process will be worth all the pain. Insyaallah.

Since going into the program, everyday is a learning process for me, there’s always something new to learn and be aware of, especially how our body reacts to medicine.

Puregon Side Effects

abdominal distension
mild abdominal discomfort
breast tenderness
bruising and irritation at the injection site

I find this part disturbing…..

“The most severe side effect, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), is a potentially dangerous condition if not managed appropriately.”

So What Is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)?

The medications (gonadotrophins) used to stimulate your ovaries during in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) or associated procedures for fertility treatment are designed to ensure that a reasonable number of eggs are obtained to maximise your chances of pregnancy. OHSS happens when too many ovarian follicles have developed in response to the usual dosage of medication. It is a result of the hormones produced by the ovaries in response to the usual dosage of medication. It is a result of the hormones produced by the ovaries in response to the drugs given.

OHSS is usually mild and causes no more than a slight lower abdominal discomfort in most cases.

Although uncommon, it warrants medical attention as it can be potentially life threatening, if left untreated in severe cases.

When detected early and managed appropriately, the condition can be controlled.

Occurrence Of OHSS
Some 6% to 8% of patients undergoing IVF treatment will experience mild forms of OHSS. The severe form will affect less than 1% of patients.

You may be developing OHSS if you experience some or all of the following symptoms:

Persistent lower abdominal discomfort
Nausea and vomiting
Shortness of breath
Reduction of urine volume
Abdominal pain
Medical Attention

OHSS is usually self-limiting and can then be treated at home with rest and adequate fluid intake. Immediate medical attention is required should the symptoms persist or worsen. In this instance, admission to hospital for treatment and close monitoring are required. Most of the time, the symptoms will subside in 5 to 15 days.

Prevention is the best form of treatment and we will endeavor to avoid OHSS at all stages.

Some women are more likely to develop OHSS, especially those with polycystic ovaries, those who are thin and those who had responded with many follicles or experienced OHSS in the past.

At KKIVF, we may recommend abandoning the cycle before the hCG injection if your risks of OHSS are high or unexpected rigorous response is encountered in your cycle.

If you are undergoing the IVF/ICSI programmes, your eggs may be collected but you may not have fresh embryo transfer. The resulting good quality embryos will be frozen for later use.

Disclaimer : all informations are excerpts taken from the website stated, otherwise modified informations due to some unrelated issues that is not relevant to the writer of this blog.

Day 49 of my cycle and it’s gooood! :-)

Today is a good day, Alhamdullilah, after 29 days of *GnRHa Injection aka Lucrin shots just got a call from the clinic that I’ll be starting my **Gonadotrophin Injection this Friday, that would mean if everything goes well Insyaallah, in less than 2 weeks, I’ll be starting the MAJOR part of the whole program. Butterflies in my stomach just by mentioning it :S

Mum and sis accompanied me to the appointment this morning, love them! So right after, we decided to go to Geylang. Mum wanted to get some blouse just because we’re going on a trip to Malacca next weekend! Woohooo! (don’t we ladies love to go everywhere be it on a holiday, weddings or reunions and have the excuse to buy new blouse, dress, shoes or bags just for it?! ;D)

Finally this year we manage to get the whole family + my Aunt aka mum’s BFF on a holiday! Honestly, for the last few weeks as I’ve been feeling kinda shitty and really down, I even thought of canceling the whole trip! Thank God I didn’t, realizing it now that it would really help me to be prepared for my upcoming surgery. Ok enough talk about it for now, will definitely update as it progresses later.

As you might already notice it, I love taking pictures wherever I go. Most of the time, people around me and the places I’ve been. Even if it means just by going to the market, have lunch or dinner. Honestly I love taking pictures of myself too but I never ever trust people taking a picture of me! Ok I know I am a lunatic sometimes! I always believe they don’t know ‘my angle’ hahaha…creepy right? So these are some of the shots I have today. I LOVEEEEE my iPhone apps!

Foodporn is a must!

Sis & Mum, what will I do without them….:D

Besides chendol whenever you go to Geylang, putu piring is a must too okay!

What better way to quench the thirst with calamansi drink! Slurp!

By this time, decided to feel nostalgic arh konon :P…. You’ll see what I mean with the rest of the pictures.




Shop till you drop AKA helping the economy.

Best place to get your sewing needs….I still don’t have that sewing mojo in me lah! Heh!

By this time, I am tired of waiting and obviously bored, so decided to take picture of my feet…ahem ahem…my bag too lah 😛

Ok that’s it, gotta rest my aching fingers now, till the next entry, if I feel like it.


PS : Thought you might want to know, excerpts taken from KKHIVF website.

“Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation and Monitoring

a. *GnRHa Injection

GnRHa treatment is given daily to prevent a spontaneous ovulation and to ensure that the ovarian follicles grow in synchronous fashion. It usually starts in the second half of your menstrual cycle and continues for about 14 to 20 days. Some patients may need to take this medication for longer periods.

Blood tests and ultrasound scans will be done to ensure that the optimum response is reached. Once this is achieved, you will proceed to the gonadotrophin injections.

b. **Gonadotrophin Injection

Gonadotrophin is injected daily into the muscle/subcutaneous tissue of your thigh or buttock to stimulate the growth of the follicles in the ovaries. After several days of gonadotrophin injections, an ultrasound scan is performed to determine the number and size of the growing follicles. You will need additional injections if the follicles have not reached the desired size.”