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Day 48 of my cycle…..

It’s already my 48th day of the cycle, after 2 appointments of blood tests and scans, I am at the point of desperation. Tomorrow is another appointment which means another blood test and scan. I wonder what is the next action will be taken by the doctor. As the days stretches to more of the lucrin shots, it doesn’t get any easier. In fact, every time when it’s time to take the shot, the needle doesn’t seem to poke my tummy well.

To take my mind away from the stress, thank God my family asked me to join them for a jog to Jurong Park. We had fun, the funny part was, I thought we were going to jog there but instead we brisk walked towards the newly opened McDonald! Gosh, what a healthy lifestyle indeed! Hahaha

Whenever I am with my family, we never loose sight of our constant camwhoring. I really feel like a tourist, really 😛

What a beautiful morning!


Must have a hearty breakfast after jogging..ahem..ahem..brisk walk, you know.

See what I mean…”tourist-y” 😛

How excited one can be with water fountain!! Sheeesh! LOL

After the brisk walk and yummy breakfast, mom decided to go marketing at Boon Lay Market. I don’t fancy wet market really but with family around it is very fun indeed. 😀

So this is the part where it gets out of hand, the camwhoring I mean (although not much of me or none of the picture with me in it of course, I am shy you see)

Smelly smelly fish :S

Getting excited over smelly fish???!! 😛

There IS a Malay fishmonger??? I didn’t KNOW that! Honest!

Overall, we had fun even if it means only a few hours outing with the family 😀

PS : If you’re on my twitter, you may or may not know this, I am now on the IVF program. I’ve been writing about my journey on this blog but not post it publicly. Only at this stage, I am comfortable posting it here after my 48th day, this may not even include the weeks before it. Some days are difficult, some days are not. One thing for sure, it has been very stressful for me physically and most of the time mentally….I only write whenever I feel like it, or else, I would mope around the house the whole day doing absolutely NOTHING! So far today, half of the day has been great, here’s hoping for the days to come to be much more easier and less painful, Insyaallah.