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Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Got an email from a friend this morning :-

“Hey pussy lovers…

See below email … interested ? If not, care to pass along this email to one who can put up these cats into a good home :))

Many tks


Aren’t they cute? Need to ask the hubby whether he is okay with any one of them….BUT my mom is against it saying “Kan kau dah ada Kiki, nanti tak terlayan kalau dah ada dua ekor tau!!” *translation : You’ve already got Kiki, can you handle 2 cats?!!”

So how?….Should I or Shouldn’t I???…ARGGGHHHHHH……

PS : The sad thing is, if there are no takers, the owner will have to send them to SPCA which on the other hand if they are not adopted in time, they will be put down to sleep 😦