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Too Tired.

Age is really catching up with me *sigh* not that I am turning 60 or anything!  It is just that the way our lifestyle it is now.  We are too tired, having too little time to enjoy life at its fullest.  I know I know, people say, if we are smart enough to make time or schedule time properly, it can be done.  Is it really true, really?  Are those people that smart to divide themselves between work and family that they didn’t miss a thing?….Naaah…I am sure they forgotten about some things at least, right?

We are in a rat race everyday, it seems.  Everyone is running into each other literally, we don’t greet or say hello to the one next to us.  Everyone wants to achieve something better if not best from each other.  Anyways, what I am trying to say is, or at least remind myself, to actually take time to smell the fruit of our labour before its too late. 


I wish I am a kid again, enjoy life, play and play and play but those days are over.

I missed it…..too tired, just tired.