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Its been quite a while since my last entry, I know.  Quite hectic days I had for the past few days, oh well, maybe just an excuse for being lazy to write 😛


Anyways, here’s a quick recap :-


15May08 – Took medical leave from work coz I ate something that was not “edible”…. I should have known betta, you say! MOOD : 😦


16May08 – At work shifted to the new office, very new, clean place I should say, my colleague and I each got a HUGE table…*hint* the BOSS wants us to work more mind you! 😦


17May08 – Hubby off to Vietnam, my boy and I couldn’t send him off coz my boy’s madrasah exam in the afternoon. So we were all alone in the house missing the hubby!  MOOD : 😦


18May08 – Supposed to go for my driving lessons but decided to stay at home instead.  But after like 4 hours at home practically doing nothing, we decided to watch Iron Man. Enjoyed the show actually 🙂 for a while…. At night – just the 2 of us again. MOOD : 😦


19May08 – Went to Tekka (Komalas Vilas) for thosai with my mum, dad and sis for breakfast, Didn’t enjoy the food at all!….the kuah is not nice anymore 😦 Went back home before 1pm and went OUT again to fetch Hubby from the Airport! YAAAAAYYYY…  MOOD : 🙂


20May08 – Back to work, clearing all the pending works PLUS more housekeeping in the office. MOOD : NO MOOD laaaa….

After work, went for my driving lesson.  Enjoyed it!…hmmmm…


21May08 – 22May08 – Cracking my head writing this laaa…but actually its nothing right??….