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Catnap is not in my blood.

Mum : You need to take a catnap after your lunch ok? At least you’ll be fresh for this evening’s tuition. (hmmm…probably that’s not how I say it since it kinda sounded like a perfect English eh?)

Boy : You know I can’t sleep in the afternoon….it is just NOT in my blood!

Mum : Whaddaya mean? NOT in your blood?! Both of us (me and the hub) sleeps whenever we can! Morning Noon and Night! *gasp!*

Boy : Nope, then I guess I followed Nenek’s blood! *nonchalant*

Mum : Pfft! *rolls eyes*

Since young, he is not those who gets catnaps. Β He will ONLY sleeps when the aircon is on which we will only turn it at night….huh..”followed Nenek’s blood” Pffft!..