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Its been that long ha?

Wow…ok I do not want to sound like a country pumpkin or anything but Orchard Road changed alot since the last time I visit!…like more than 5 years ago!…yaaah…that long ok! Though I must admit I did go to Plaza Singapura every 6 months or more and that’s the furthest I go (talking about the Orchard Road stretch).  Nowadays, I can only afford the HEartland Shopping Centre *Jurong Point*

Hmmm…why was I there in the first place?…hmmm…wait…hmmm…oh yeah!…I wanted to buy the Hubby a Manchester United kit @ Orchard Parade Hotel.  We left the house about right after my son ends his tuition lesson on Sunday afternoon,  so we reached there at about 6pm and parked the car @ Forum Shopping Mall.  hmmm….yeah…you’ve guessed it, the Shop has already MOVED! or DEfunct!…or whatever! when we got there! Wasted trip indeed! Maybe not, at least I get to see Orchard Road and reminisce those days when we used to be those “Orchard Road Kids!” Hahaha….Tea Dances, Far East Plaza, Wisma Kids, Fire Disco…whoah…maybe next post I’ll try to feature some of the places and things we’ve done in those days ha 🙂

 Manage to capture Hard Rock Cafe here.