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Clear Sky + Holiday = Picnic!

That is definitely a favourite pastime here in Singapore besides eating and shopping of course!  You can see lots of tents put up along the beach stretched from Marina till Changi. 

Today was such a fine day, clear sky not sunny at all compared to yesterday’s downpour.  We thought our plan for a picnic were drenched but fortunately the weather is super great today! 🙂


Honestly, I am not a fan of the beach actually but the idea of getting together with my extended family were very exciting!  I can’t remember the last time we had such gathering, it’s been ages I tell ya.  The only time we get to meet is Hari Raya which is like once a year right?…yeah sad 😦

Anyways,  we had lots of fun even my mum were enjoying herself, playing badminton okay! LOL ….PS : She’s not bad, not bad at all! 🙂


The boys were playing a little bit of football.


The girls and later some of the boys rented out the bikes for a leisure ride.


While the younger boys & girls rather get soaked!


Of course, what a picnic without LEPAK! 

Auntie Salmiah, Auntie Sariah & Auntie Saniah. 


PS : Auntie Nia, hope I fulfilled your wish now!…hehehehe 😉

Hope we can do this more often yah!…and of course the next time the rest will come along too! Although I think the no of people today is such a riot already 🙂


Thank you guys for making this day a great day for us all!!!