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Usually Kiki do not even like to sit in this basket, but lately, we always find him here 😦

*the basket where Puffy died*



Last night, my cat Puffy died. 😦

In loving memory

Found her on the grass patch below our flat, lying lifeless…..*its really hard for me to even write this*

I called out her name and she meowed faintly….everytime I touched her, she growled softly indicating that she’s hurting badly, oh how sad, to hear her….I cradled her back home like holding a fragile baby in my arms, still meowing softly, I know she is hurting soo bad I can’t even describe it. Her body were scratched all over, with her right eye bleeding. I don’t think she was abused but maybe a fight must have occurred between the neighbouring cats. I am sure she fought back because I know she is one feisty cat but alas, she was defeated……

I nursed her and call out her name every time, gave her water but she doesn’t seem to sip the water into her mouth. Even now while writing this, I can still remember the way she look at me with those sad eye as though if only she could talk to me and say ‘ibu, help me, I am in pain’…………………………………………….

Although her body were limp and lifeless, she was trying very hard to get up, shifted her body from left to right and from right to left but everytime she does that she kept on falling on her back, I really do not know what to do, tears keep rolling down my cheeks, why does it hurt soo much, she is just a cat after all, noooo…she is my family.

Sadly, she didn’t die quietly, at first she gasped for air then her body shook violently and finally taking her last breath…her lifeless body went all cold and stiff.

I am sorry for giving you up.

I am sorry for abandoning you.

I am sorry for letting you go.

I am sorry.