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Fatskunks ; The Aftermath.

Ok…now that the competition is over, can we get Fatskunks to start doing their usual gigs all over the island again.  I am sure most of you miss them doing what they do best ; ENTERTAIN!  Yeah….Fatskunks although they are “new” to this market, they are not “new” for most of you out there.  I must say Fatskunks’ fan base is growing every minute 🙂

For the first time last night, I totally enjoyed and find myself swaying to the raggae sound & moves of Fatskunks! *imagine me, a tudung-clad woman swaying (not vigorously, mind you) to every beat*….what a sight no one wants to see..hehehehe

As for last night’s winner….hmmm..what can I say?…don’t wish to step into anybody’s path with my comments lah…though, I happened to read one blogger’s site.  His comments are insightful & an eye opener but for some it may not. He is none other than Pujangga Malam no secret about that!…whoaah don’t get me wrong, do I sound sarcastic even, no?….I do meant what I said, its really interesting to read his comments plus those interesting comments from the public! Read it yourself…take it with a pinch of salt will ya.

I am sure Fatskunks will come out much stronger anyway and ready to roar *can skunks roar in the first place* to the future!

By the way Izaar, I found the meaning of skunks in Bahasa Indonesia, apparently couldn’t find any in Bahasa Malaysia, its “SIGUNG”, so I guess direct translation would be “GEMPAL SIGUNG” (hmmm…doesn’t sound nice at all, keep the English version ok).hehehehe

Oh yeah…before I forget, gotta add this, Arman Maulana is cute! 🙂