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Raya sakan…18 more days to celebrate….literally

After all these years, I finally got the perfect picture of us ..(eerr…don’t mind the place or even the partner not smiling or forced smile…sans holding of the hp…pfft…plus the newspaper…duh) the important thing is I got the angle, smile and pose! LOL….and of course, I don’t look fat!

Another fun-filled day of celebrating the festivities last night. With meet-ups with the cousins and all.Β Β The whole family came to my house with Nasi Beryani Udang treat *2nd try at the recipe, mind you* and it turn out really good *so I was told*

My SIL getting the scoop

Aunt Salbiah & Uncle Noh’s Family + Aunt Suaida enjoying the spread

Mom & Dad with Brother Iwan came to visit too.

Last but not least, the lovey dovey couple.Β  Macam pengantin you!..Didi with samping and all…Nana with her Labuci too πŸ™‚ *jangan marah, nanti kena jual*

Went to 2 other open houses and coincidently both served Nasi Lemak for Hari Raya? πŸ™‚