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What’s the Big Deal right? 

Yeah, I know some of you might say that but let me have my moment lah ok? *smile* 

I think it’s a big step for me to move forward because I know I can’t upgrade myself by getting any kind of diploma or any degree even!  Studying is my weakest link, so forget about it, learning this test already made me so nervous (yaah…the brain needs to be oiled every now and then okay…hehehehe)

PLUS the test room were so cold just now I tell you and as what my friend Rina would say “like in a labour ward” where all your feelings gushed up from the bottom of your feet and shot up to every part of the body!  Phew, thank God its over!

Anyways, the TP Test will be on the 22nd September 2008 and I just realise that it will be during the fasting month, so I hope in this holy month, I will pass with flying colours, insyaallah! 🙂

Will be counting down to that day! BUT first…hmmmm…must now concentrate on Hari Raya preparations oredi!…Kiasuness is the root of Preparedness! How? Okay right? Good quote?

hehehehe…..till next post ladies!