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A Good Weekend.

Went to my cousin’s Faliq’s Wedding…very nice celebration.  Handsome Groom and Very Preeety Bride!

Of course that’s not the only thing that we are there, it’s time to catch up with the cousins, aunties, uncles and other relatives.  I guess this is the only time that we are able to meet up and have a chat or two.  Really had a great time!

More pictures of the event below :-

My Auntie (Rahimah) & Me

(PS : YES, that’s my aunt, pweety right?)

Ana & Imah

As promised, Mak D, I’ve featured this picture here but sorry I just couldn’t seem to “crop” to your desire!..hehehehehe


The Abdullah Brothers – Rahman/Bakar/Mohammad/Hamid (not in picture : Baharuddin/Syukor)

It was a very sweet moment for the bride especially when your husband sang a song for you in front of his family members!…..Awwwww….so sweet right?

*Dear, how come you never sang to me during our wedding ha?…Okay Okay lah, just try to sing for me tonight but make sure it will put me to sleep hor instead of keeping me awake instead!*

Well that’s it for now, overall, the event was wonderful.

Wishing the Bride & Groom a happy marriage and make more babies, insyaallah. 🙂

Look out for more photos here @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/26484840@N04/