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Whims & Fancies

Since the day I lay my eyes on this website, I’ve been religiously surfing it everyday and become one of their ardent fans. Their creations never fail to surprise me, I wonder sometimes, where do they get their inspirations from?!

Hana & Rini, the towkay neos of Whims & Fancies are ever so lovely especially Hana (not that I know them  well although I did speak to Hana once about my order the other time and she perceived to be a very friendly lady).   Although she’ve just given birth to a beautiful girl 2 months ago, she never fail to accept orders and alhamdullilah it seems their business is flourishing! How I know this?…you should see for yourself, it is definitely work of arts!

Anyways, I just happen to surf her site again today (like everyday!.hehehehe…am I a potential stalker yet?..naaahh) I am really proud to know that both of them made it to teeeveee (SURIA) featuring their creations!  Congratulations Ladies, I am so proud of you!  So look out for them for the next 2 weeks…hmmm…still don’t know when is the date exactly (will have the date soon ok).

(NOTE : This is not a paid advertisement, just a fan) 🙂